Lanparte MCK-01

Lanparte MCK-01

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The new LanParte MCK-01 Cage for GH3/4 and A7s offers excellent rigging and mounting options for your camera. The cage is strong and lightweight and the camera is secured on the cold shoe at the top and the mounting screw at the bottom. The Top handle has a nice large quick release lever which slides it on and off the NATO rail for quick assembly. Numerous 1/4 and 3/8inch threads are located on the top handle and cage. 

There is a 90ยบ 15mm clamp on the front of the Top handle, which is designed for EVFs and Monitors, ideal for the Atomos Shogun or a 5/7inch monitor. 

The 15mm rod raiser is height adjustable by about 1.5inches, and the best part is the quick release baseplate so the camera can slide in and out of the rod raiser and can be transferred to other LanParte compatible systems like the larger baseplate BP-02 and baseplate shoulder support VMS-01.

There is also an ARRI standard rosette on the right side so great for attaching an extendable handgrip. 

We have found the cage compatible with the CGP Handgrip for BMPCC, which makes it much more comfortable holding the camera as you can grip each side properly. 


Lanparte MCK-01
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